Estelle Wallemacq


Backed up by years of practise and fine-tuning my intuitive gifts, as well as sustained research and training in energy work, my sole endeavor is NOT to heal you, but to bring you back to the power to heal yourself. The power to uncover your light and uniqueness, guiding you to your highest frequency so that your life becomes an embodiment of your infinite potential.

How? By helping you understand what is interfering with your natural vibration and by giving you the tools to overcome what stands in the way of you.

That is the transformative healing path that I'm so joyfully and passionately walking with you, in my individual sessions or various classes & workshops.​​​

All sessions are held in French, Dutch, English or Spanish, in one of my two offices, by Zoom or distance healing

Fee = 80,00€ incl. taxes - 80,00€ excl. taxes (entreprises) - 1h      Audience = Adults, children


Energy healing

Deep healing and rebalancing of the physical and subtle bodies, through various energy structures (chakras, subtle bodies, meridians, Ampuku ...) and modalities (magnetism, ClairSentience and ClairVoyance) from Eastern and Western traditions.

Advanced Apprenticeship program with Cyndi Dale, as well as training courses with Caroline Myss.

Strategic conversational hypnosis - TPR (Trauma Psychotherapy by Reassociation)
Strategic conversational hypnosis is a true team work between patient and therapist. This dynamic and individually-tailored therapy strives to desensitize traumatic events and emotions, as well as to lift all physical, emotional (flashbacks, nightmares, low self-esteem, depression, PTSD, ...) and  psychosomatic (especially efficient!) symptoms they bring about, in a painless, secure and equal basis way

Graduated from l'IMHEB.

More information about Strategic conversationl hypnosis-TPR

(SIPS, Applied Physiology, Corps Energie, Stress Release, Touch for Health, EFT/MTT, Core Kinesiology)

Kinesiology, or language of the body, invites us to communicate with our true Self, to discover our inner resources and to connect to our life creating power. This holistic approach identifies and transforms all that prevents us from tapping into our true power and reach our goals.  

Certified at IBK.


Energy therapy that frees the physical and mental bodies through the release of joint, muscle, visceral and/or emotional blocks. 


  - Personal evolution 

  - Spiritual guidance

  - Traumas and PTSD

  - Fatigue, stress and burnout

  - Anxiety, fears, phobias

  - Depression

  - Psychosomatic symptoms

  - Relationship, emotional and professional issues

  - Unhappiness

  - Low self-esteem

  - Physical pain

  -  ...

More practical details are available by clicking on FAQ - Individual sessions